Two green vintage cars in the Wilcox Garage Vestal NY

Get Back Behind the Wheel

Auto Repair & Light Truck Repair in Vestal & Binghamton, NY

Next time your car gives you trouble, take it in to Wilcox & Sons Towing & Auto Repairs. We provide top-of-the-line auto repair services in Vestal & Binghamton, NY. Our expert mechanics can handle your:
  • Auto Tune Ups
  • Front-end tire work
  • Oil change
  • Power steering maintenance
  • Transmission fluid change
  • Spark plug change
  • Engine repair

Does your car need something else? Reach out to us at 607-797-2324 to speak with a mechanic about your specific needs.

3 light truck repairs we offer

Cars aren't the only thing we can work on. At Wilcox & Sons Towing & Auto Repairs, we also offer light truck repairs. Here are three things we can fix on your truck or SUV:

  1. Engine repair and maintenance. Is your vehicle spewing out smoke? We'll identify and fix the problem right away.
  2. Transmission repair and maintenance. Has your truck started making strange grinding noises? We'll flush out your transmission to get your vehicle running good as new.
  3. Brake tuneups and replacements. Does your SUV vibrate when you hit the brakes? It may be time to take it to Wilcox & Sons Towing & Auto Repairs for a tuneup.

Whatever the issue is, trust our expert mechanics to fix it for you in a timely manner. We carry most parts needed for common repairs on both domestic and foreign vehicles, and all of our parts are warranted.

We accept walk-ins, so come by the shop today.